White Papers

Engaging People Coaching

Providing Engaging People® Coaching to your executives, key influencers, and high potentials is one of the most effective ways to increase employee engagement across the organization. Here are some of the benefits of Engaging People® Coaching: Amplifying personal engagement and productivity Facilitating the engagement and productivity of others Enhancing executive presence Increasing influence on others […]

White Paper: How to Choose the Best HR Software Tools

HR technology is exploding exponentially. There are more choices than ever to help the HR professional manage what is becoming an increasingly important business function. Whether you are buying a complex HR information system or looking to implement a time and attendance solution, making the right technology choice is critical. We have prepared this guide to […]

White Paper: How to Create an Employee Engagement Survey – The Essential Guide

You’ve been tasked with designing your organization’s upcoming employee engagement survey. You vaguely recall the basics of survey research from a social research class, but you also acknowledge that you may have slept through most of that class (as was the case with many of your classes). Never fear! Here is a set of guidelines […]

White Paper: 360-Degree Feedback Comes Full Circle

Just a few minutes–and a simple process–could double the likelihood your 360-degree feedback will result in meaningful, sustainable personal change. Yet, most people fail to follow the 4 simple steps that both increase the effectiveness of the process AND relationships with co-workers. In a recent DecisionWise multi-national research study, we found that less than one-third […]

White Paper: The Case for 360-Degree Feedback

Most leaders do a good job. Otherwise, they would not be in leadership positions. But as leaders rise through the ranks, they often receive less and less honest information about themselves and their performance. A 360 review provides a way for leaders to test their views, recognize previously unseen strengths, and become aware of blind […]

White Paper: Healthcare Leadership

Many healthcare organizations are effective at measuring the clinical components of the job. Yet few are equally proficient when it comes to assessing the non-clinical or behavioral components of job performance. Without considering both elements of performance, most healthcare organizations may not have an accurate view of how their employees are truly performing.

White Paper: 8 Steps for Turning 360-Degree Feedback into Results

360-degree feedback is a validated development process whose roots go back over 60 years. In a typical 360 feedback process, data is collected, reported, and acted upon with the intention of bringing about increased professional effectiveness on the part of the participant. Too often 360 initiatives fail to produce change as organizations put more emphasis […]

White Paper: 360 Degree Feedback Best Practices

We’ve been conducting 360-degree feedback surveys and coaching on the results for a long time—since 1996, to be exact.  During this time we’ve figured out the best methods for using 360 surveys to get the biggest bang for your buck while avoiding the most common pitfalls. This white paper provides start-to-finish advice for organizations that […]

White Paper: Five Keys for Managers to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement

Engagement is a 50-50 proposition—a two way street. Yes, the organization is responsible for creating an environment where engagement can flourish, but the employee has an equal responsibility to CHOOSE to be engaged. This whitepaper shows managers how to unlock the power of employee engagement using the five ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® keys: Meaning: What is the difference between Inherent and […]

White Paper: 10 Questions to Consider Before Your Next Employee Engagement Survey

Understanding employee engagement is critical to any organization. When employees are engaged, they throw their hearts, spirits, minds and hands into their work. This discretionary effort results in innovation, dedication, improved quality, lower turnover, increased customer service… the list goes on. Employee surveys play an important role in understanding how this level of engagement changes […]