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In-depth research on 360-degree feedback, employee engagement surveys, and organization development best practices.

Featured White Paper: 2016 State of Employee Engagement Report

A comprehensive look at employee engagement best practices from over 200 organizations around the world. More

Featured White Paper: 10 Questions to Consider Before Your Next Employee Engagement Survey

Imagine trying to kick a goal when you weren't able to detect the distance, the direction, or even if you made contact with the ball! Trying to run a business without accurate employee feedback would be just as farcical. In this article, I will discuss a number of concerns, and how to cope with them while creating your own survey protocol. I will use an employee engagement survey as the example, although the methods detailed below are generalizable to most any type of survey. More

Ultimate Stay Interview Guide for Managers

As a manager, do you know your employee’s level of engagement? If not, how do you find out? Talk to them! That’s it! Have a sincere conversation, ask questions, and LISTEN to what they say! MOST MANAGERS ARE WILLING to have conversations with their teams about engagement. Most employees welcome the conversation, if done correctly. However, most of us don’t know where to begin. More

MAGIC: The Five Keys of Employee Engagement

The DecisionWise five-key model of employee engagement stems from two decades of research, gathering and analyzing feedback from tens of millions of employee survey responses in over 70 countries. More

Five Keys for Managers to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement

What Can Managers Do to Boost Employee Engagement? Engagement is a 50-50 proposition—a two way street. Yes, the organization is responsible for creating an environment where engagement can flourish, but the employee has an equal responsibility to CHOOSE to be engaged. More

360 Degree Feedback Best Practices

We’ve been conducting 360-degree feedback surveys and coaching on the results for a long time—since 1996, to be exact. During this time we’ve figured out the best methods for using 360 surveys to get the biggest bang for your buck while avoiding the most common pitfalls. More

8 Steps for Turning 360-Degree Feedback into Results

360-degree feedback is a validated development process whose roots go back over 60 years. In a typical 360 feedback process, data is collected, reported, and acted upon with the intention of bringing about increased professional effectiveness on the part of the participant. More

Healthcare Leadership

Many healthcare organizations are effective at measuring the clinical components of the job. Yet few are equally proficient when it comes to assessing the non-clinical or behavioral components of job performance. More

The Case for 360-Degree Feedback

Some leaders are skeptical of 360-degree feedback. This white paper addresses the common concerns from participants and explains the personal benefits and outcomes of this powerful process. More

360-Degree Feedback Comes Full Circle

In a recent DecisionWise multi-national research study, we found that less than one-third of all 360-feedback participants "circle back" with those that provided them with the feedback (their raters). More

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