DecisionWise Team Building

Team building does not happen overnight. People need time to learn about themselves and their teammates so that they can establish relationships of trust and support each other’s performance. The DecisionWise Team Building process creates self-awareness and provides a safe yet challenging environment for team members to test new ideas and diffuse misconceptions. They begin to understand what it means to truly function as a team and become motivated by the new-found freedom and challenges it provides. DecisionWise works with executive and senior leadership teams around the world to overcome the five obstacles of effective teams to increase trust, team unity, and performance. We use a variety of assessments, individual coaching, and team workshops to transform the dynamics on the team, create a healthy and safe environment, and develop real accountability with one another. The process includes two phases. During Phase 1, each team increases self-awareness through a 360-degree feedback process conducted by an executive coach/team facilitator. During Phase 2, the coach conducts three two-day team workshops to explore team survey results, create new working ground rules, and facilitate the creation of team goals.

Mature businessman and young woman having a business meeting in the office, they are discussing together
Creating a pleasant work environment is paramount

Phase 1: Increase Self-Awareness

360-Degree Feedback Survey: Each team member and the team leader participate in a 360-degree feedback assessment and coaching session with a DecisionWise executive coach. The results are used to help the participant understand the perceptions of trust and respect from his or her peers on the team.

Individual Coaching Session: A DecisionWise executive coach conducts a 90-minute telephone coaching session with each team member to debrief the 360 survey results and talk about their perceptions of the team’s effectiveness. The coach will help each individual to develop self-awareness and individual responsibility. Each person will also create a personal development plan to address items from the survey results.

Group Profile and Debrief Call with Team Leader: DecisionWise will create a group report using all of the 360 survey results that shows overall averages and rank orders the results for each team member. The report will be presented by the coach over the phone to the team leader. The coach will also share findings from the individual coaching sessions and provide recommendations.