We are helping companies and people to activate their inner potential, skills and knowledge.
We help them to Inspire, Connect and Perform.

Hello, my name is Peter Lieskovsky and I am the founder of Inside HCS company. I have worked as HR executive in various leading global companies. One of my key learnings gained through my professional career is that companies are not able to utilize potential of its employees. We want to change it. We want to create meaning for both companies and employees.

We strongly believe in leadership through releasing employees potential and we believe in fully competent individuals with clearly defined purpose of being and acting. This is what we are about. We would like to offer you to improve your business results through improving your people’s engagement, competencies and potential.


Strategic Planning (SP) – Who we are & Whom we want to be

Workshop helps you develop and understand your strength, core competencies, and create your own specific Vision, Mission and GTM – Go to Market model.

Innovation Potential

Individual or group support to make tough, effective and meaningful decision in critical moments of your business life cycles.

Critical Few Objectives (CFO)

Program will help to focus your actions to critical – most value adding activities / areas

HR Function Audit and HR Business strategy calibration

Proposal for Corrective Action plan to make HR function flawless and align HR function with Business objectives

Internal Talent Identification and Development

Who are real talents , high performers and value contributors in your organizations? Work out powerful retention and development strategy for your High Potentials and top performers.

HR Technology Solutions

How to eliminate transactional work and focus on value adding activities via implementing suitable IT tools.

Management Staffing and Headhunting

Identify and recruit key management roles to accelerate business performance.

Release Your Potential

Let people do what they know and want instead of training them in what they do not want and do not know, right skills in the right jobs.

Coaching Through Difficult Times

Individual or group support to make tough, effective and meaningful decision in critical moments of your business life cycles.

Powerful Conversation

Communication is a key factor of shared goals, performance and engagement. We train your managers to communicate effectively.

Internal Workshop Facilitation

Stimulating working atmosphere at internal workshops leads to expected results, followed by formal actions and implementation plan, After action review , Win and Loss analyses.

Contact Information

Area: Central Europe
Contact: Peter Lieskovsky
Phone: +421 903 780 169