Leadership Lens Coaching 100-Day Coaching Program

Leadership Lens Coaching is designed to empower individuals to make targeted behavioral changes that will positively impact themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Intelligence Coaching for Executives

Leadership Intelligence Executive Coaching is oriented to help individuals enhance all aspects of their leadership abilities. Unlike typical coaching models, the goal of this process is not only to change what the leader does and how she or he does it, but to bring out the person’s “best self” so that they can lead authentically and with purpose. Engagements normally last six to 12 months.

We understand the value of experienced, confidential, and personalized coaching.

For over 20 years we have been working with thousands of leaders in positions of responsibility across the globe, helping them with timely and significant decisions affecting their organizations and their lives. We know how to coach leaders.

Leadership Coaching Meeting
Leadership Coaching Process

The DecisionWise Leadership Coaching Model

Each coaching engagement begins with a Leadership Intelligence 360-degree feedback assessment. We also use additional psychometric assessments such as those measuring critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, personality, conflict style, and business acumen. The results from these leadership assessments are used to create self-awareness and a results-focused personal development plan for each individual.


1. Increased self-awareness: Coaching magnifies the value provided by our leadership assessments, enabling participants to see themselves in an unbiased light.

2. Detailed action plans: Without proper follow-up, feedback is useless. After receiving assessment and candid feedback, coaching participants create a plan for personal and professional development.

3. Greater accountability: After receiving candid feedback and creating development plans, coaching participants develop greater levels of accountability for their attitudes, habits, and performance.

Meet the Coaches

DecisionWise executive coaches are experts in the process of learning and the psychology of human behavior. Each coach possesses an advanced degree in psychology or other behavioral sciences, extensive consulting experience with executives, and significant life experience working with people and their development.

DecisionWise Kristin Chapman

Kristin Chapman, MBA

Kristin Chapman, MBA

DecisionWise - Christian Nielson

Christian Nielson, MBA

Christian Nielson, MBA

DecisionWise Principal Consultant, Dan Hoopes

Dan Hoopes, M.S.O.D.

Dan Hoopes, M.S.O.D.

DecisionWise Tracy Maylett

Tracy Maylett, Ed.D, MBA

Tracy Maylett, Ed.D, MBA