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Employee Engagement Surveys

The DecisionWise Employee Engagement Survey contains a subset of research-based anchor questions that are designed to measure overall engagement. It also measures the five MAGIC keys of employee engagement: Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact, and Connection. Additional employee survey questions measure the factors that drive engagement and satisfaction in an organization. The survey is completely customizable to the needs of every organization.

Here is a sample of the questions you will find in the sample employee engagement survey:

  1. I have the tools and resources I need to do my job well.
  2. I have received the training I need to do my job well.
  3. The amount of work I am expected to do is reasonable.
  4. I find enjoyment in the job that I perform.
  5. My job provides me with a sense of meaning and purpose.

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You work with a senior DecisionWise consultant to customize the employee engagement survey to measure the factors that drive engagement in your organization. DecisionWise specializes in helping clients to revise their current employee survey to more accurately measure engagement while maintaining the ability to compare results from past years.

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