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Employee Engagement Survey

Are you really measuring employee engagement?

Download a sample Leadership Intelligence Employee Engagement Survey to see how we measure the factors that drive employee engagement and performance. Learn how we customize each employee survey to collect relevant and actionable feedback from your employees.

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Employee Engagement Survey Online Reporting

The most advanced online reporting tool

The Leadership Intelligence System (LIS) not only provides your organization with the most powerful analytic tools available, it enables executive teams and managers to pinpoint specific actions that will improve organization effectiveness and create a culture of engagement. With nearly two decades of design behind it, LIS takes your complicated organizational structure and breaks it down into manageable reports, including divisions, teams, functions, matrixed reporting, managers, geographies-- you name it. We simplify complexity, and provide quick, accurate intelligence through your easy-to-read employee engagement survey dashboard.

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Employee Engagement Survey Online Reporting

What is Employee Engagement?

Bringing hearts, spirits, minds, and hands to our work. That's employee engagement.

Engagement goes beyond satisfaction. The elements of employee satisfaction such as pay, benefits, and company perks may help with recruiting and retention, but don't motivate employees to do their best work. Employee Engagement occurs when we find Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact, and Connection--MAGIC--in what we do. The DecisionWise MAGIC model of employee engagement stems from two decades of research, gathering and analyzing feedback from tens of millions of employee engagement survey responses in over 70 countries. We show you which elements are driving engagement in your organization, where they're missing, and what to do about it.

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What is Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement Consulting

We dig into the data and find the story that needs to be told

We make employee engagement survey data available to you. But how do you turn that data into intelligence? We work with you to analyze the information, identify the overall themes, and dig into the wealth of information the survey contains-- that's Leadership Intelligence. This means you truly hear the message your employees are trying to deliver. The Leadership Intelligence System helps your managers quickly spot trends, compare populations and tie in your business metrics to show you how engagement directly impacts company performance-- and the bottom line.

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Action Planning

Now what?

While we provide the most sophisticated, yet simple-to-understand employee engagement survey reporting tools found anywhere, it doesn't end there (as it would with most survey tools). One of the most frequently overlooked (and most important) pieces of the employee engagement survey process is rolling out the results and developing action plans. In addition to the guidance you receive from our team of engagement experts, DecisionWise will provide you with concise manager reports, an online action planning tool, and employee engagement training for your leaders and employees. This is where feedback becomes action, and action drives business results.

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Action Planning

How it Works

We work with you every step of the way.

We start by understanding your organization and what you need to measure. What is the current culture? What is your organization going through? What's most important to your organization right now, and in the future? We understand what matters most to your success. Our survey experts customize an employee engagement survey based on those needs, and begin the process of collecting feedback. With a strong survey and effective administrative process (let us do the work!), we get strong, actionable survey data. We partner with you to analyze and interpret the results. But it doesn't end there. Our comprehensive action planning helps ensure that employee survey data is turned into action and results.

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How it Works


Most managers don't understand the concept of employee engagement, and even less know how to create a culture of engagement within their teams. Engagement isn't just about an employee engagement survey software solution, although our survey software is the most advanced tool in the industry. It's about creating a culture of engagement. Based on our book, MAGIC: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement, the DecisionWise ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® Training is an intensive learning experience that provides an in-depth understanding of how to create an engaged culture.

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Yes, we have in-depth benchmark comparisons

Our comprehensive employee engagement survey benchmarks allow you to get a clear view of the playing field: identify the high-performing companies in your industry, understand how you compare, and set goals to improve your organization's culture. In fact, during the past year alone we have compiled more that 14 million survey responses. That's a lot of data!

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Why DecisionWise

We live and breathe employee engagement

We are internationally recognized thought leaders on employee engagement, working with client organizations in over 70 countries and 30 languages since 1996. Our focus is on helping you create change based on the valuable feedback of your employees.

  • 1 / Customized employee engagement surveys
  • 2 / Full-service support by consulting and assessment teams
  • 3 / The most advanced online reporting tool in the industry
  • 4 / In-depth analysis and consultation on the results
  • 5 / Online action planning tool
  • 6 / Consulting and training to create change
  • 7 / Unsurpassed employee engagement survey benchmark capabilities