Employee Engagement Benchmark Findings: Less Than Half of Employees Have Confidence in Their Leaders

Employee Engagement Benchmark Findings

One of the most critical components of leadership is the ability to inspire confidence.  After all, if nobody is following, you’re not leading.

DecisionWise recently completed an extensive analysis of its Employee Engagement Survey results.  These results are taken from over 9.2 million responses to questions related to employee engagement across various industries, companies, job levels, etc.  These  findings paint a less-than-desirable picture of the perceptions of leadership—or at  least the confidence in senior leaders—across the U.S. DecisionWise Blindfolded

Questions related to compensation, of course, resulted in the lowest scores.  After all, none of us is paid what we’re worth, right?  No surprises there.  However, questions related to confidence in leadership related some interesting sentiments.

The findings?

When asked to provide a rating from 1-5, with “5” indicating “strongly agree,” the statement, “I am confident that we have the right people in senior leadership positions in this organization,” generated a dismal response.

Less than half of those surveyed—46%, to be exact—responded favorably to questions regarding confidence in the senior leadership of their organizations.

Nearly 1/3 responded negatively to this question, with the remainder providing neutral responses.  In other words, more than half of employees surveyed lack  confidence in the heads of the organizations for which they work.

The ramifications of this fact are visible in a number of ways. Lack of support, lowered performance, inability to change, employee attrition, decreased quality and output, and employee burnout are among the many possible negative outcomes.   In fact, further statistical correlations from this study show a clear relationship between employee confidence and the ability to retain key talented employees.

If less than half of an organization’s employees have confidence in the leadership team, are they following?  Logic would say, “no!”

… and if nobody is following, you’re not a leader.

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