Assessing Your Key Talent

Preparing and promoting your best-qualified people requires a level of objectivity not often available inside the organization. Promoting people to their level of incompetence is common. Often, the best operator becomes the supervisor, the best nurse becomes the department director, regardless of leadership talent. Retaining key talent is critical. Identifying and developing High Potential employees gives strength to the organization.

At DecisionWise, we understand the importance of succession planning and retaining key talent. We provide assessment tools and expertise to help you make practical plans for the future. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of talent, and help you identify and develop future leaders. We provide coaching to prepare leaders for key positions. The Leadership IntelligenceĀ® process for succession includes the following elements:

  • Position Analysis
  • Competency Analysis and Development
  • Candidate Assessments
  • Psychometric Assessment and Evaluation
  • Talent Interviews
  • Leadership Intelligence Profiles
  • Talent Review Meetings
  • Consultation and Recommendation
  • High Potential Coaching

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