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Healthcare Challenges

New Rules, Same Resources

Recent healthcare reform has increased the already strenuous burden of healthcare providers to deliver quality care to patients. New requirements on patient satisfaction, hospital-acquired conditions (HACs), and readmission rates have a real impact on the bottom line for healthcare providers. The goal of providing a high-quality patient experience is even more dependent upon the effectiveness of the leaders and employees in the healthcare organization. There is a clear connection between employee actions, patient outcomes, and financial results.

Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare Workers

Dedicated, Competent, yet Stressed!

DecisionWise has worked for nearly 20 years to develop healthcare leaders and increase employee engagement in health systems around the US and other parts of the world. We’ve found that healthcare workers are some of the most dedicated and hard-working people in the workforce. They feel a personal responsibility to do whatever it takes to help patients. But healthcare workers also experience some of the highest levels of stress, ambiguity, and frustration. Most are highly skilled and competent in their abilities to take care of patients but struggle to do their jobs due to poor leadership, dysfunctional teams, or a negative working environment.

Healthcare Workers

DecisionWise's Approach to Health Service Providers

Assess, Diagnose, Prescribe, Treat

DecisionWise first assesses the people problems in the healthcare organization and creates a diagnosis. We use a variety of assessments and surveys to measure leadership competency, employee engagement, and the vitality of the culture. Our experts then diagnose the major problems and prescribe and work with the organization to implement specific solutions. Our healthcare solutions include:

DecisionWise's Approach to Health Service Providers

Healthcare Employee Engagement Surveys

The drivers of employee engagement for healthcare workers differ from those in other industries. Our survey methodology measures those factors that increase the passion, dedication, and performance of healthcare employees.

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Healthcare Employee Engagement Surveys

360 Degree Feedback for Healthcare Leaders

DecisionWise has developed a suite of 360 degree feedback surveys for healthcare executives, direct-patient care leaders, non-direct patient care leaders, physicians, and individual contributors. We also customize 360 surveys based on your leadership competencies.

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360 Degree Feedback for Healthcare Leaders

Leadership Coaching

Many healthcare leaders are promoted based on their competency as a healthcare professional rather than their leadership ability. DecisionWise coaches provide leaders insight, structure, and a safe way to explore their concerns and try new behaviors that impact the performance of their teams.

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Leadership Coaching

Team Building

Elite teams put their “first” team first and work together to achieve the team goals. Members organize the resources of the teams they manage to align with the strategy of the leadership team. Everyone has each other’s back and looks for ways to support each other’s success. DecisionWise works with executive and senior leadership teams around the world to overcome the five obstacles of effective teams to increase trust, team unity, and performance.

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Team Building

Intalere, formerly Amerinet, Authorized Partner

DecisionWise is an authorized partner with Intalere, formerly Amerinet Inc., a leading national healthcare solutions organization, for workforce management solutions. Through this partnership, Intalere members will save on workforce management surveys and consulting, employee engagement training, 360-degree feedback surveys, team building programs, and leadership coaching and training programs from DecisionWise, a global leader in employee engagement and leadership development. By utilizing the DecisionWise workforce solutions, members can improve employee morale and performance, retain employees, and improve leadership and team effectiveness.

Intalere, <em>formerly Amerinet</em>, Authorized Partner

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