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A.P. Moller – Maersk Group is a Denmark-based shipping and logistic company with over 120,000 employees world-wide.  As part of a comprehensive leadership development program, Maersk partners with DecisionWise to conduct 360-degree feedback surveys, executive coaching, and team building programs with leaders throughout the world.

360-Degree Feedback Survey Process

DecisionWise survey consultants customized three versions of 360 feedback surveys for different levels of leaders in the organization. Surveys were based on Maersk’s leadership competencies. Leaders are required to participate in one of these 360 surveys before attending the leadership training courses conducted internally at locations around the world. DecisionWise assessment advisors coordinate survey administration for over 50 training workshops each year, which include thousands of leaders.  In addition to the training courses, leaders can take a 360 survey at any time that are initiated by one of the HR leaders in over 100 locations.

Executive Coaching

DecisionWise executive coaches provide coaching to many Maersk leaders, based on their 360-degree feedback results.  Often, this involves a single debrief coaching call with the leader in order to review the report and create a personal development plan.  Other coaching engagements are more extensive, lasting 3-12 months to help leaders overcome obstacles, increase operational and interpersonal performance, and progress their career goals.  Coaching is customized to the needs of the leader.

Team Building

Many Maersk locations are led by functional management teams that work together in dissimilar roles or functions.  Because many of the team members have expertise in different fields, come from different countries, and change teams every few years, there is a strong need for teams to come together quickly to achieve results.  The DecisionWise Team Building Process helps these teams create self-awareness among team members, build trust, and execute as a united team.  Team Building interventions use 360-degree feedback, the DecisionWise Team Survey, and multiple onsite team sessions facilitated by expert consultants.


In a multi-national organization with leaders from different countries working all over the world, Maersk leaders leverage feedback to better understand themselves and each other.  This increased self-awareness and coaching support results in better working relationships and unified teams of exceptional performer

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