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Over the past two decades DecisionWise has demonstrated that employee survey data based on sound scientific principles is an extremely valuable way to inform next steps for OD in any organization.

Two years ago we introduced our Leadership Intelligence® System (LIS) which is the most advanced online survey and reporting tool in the industry. Our unique approach is gaining wide and rapid acceptance. For the second year in a row, DecisionWise made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America.

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Survey Data to Diagnose and Address Client Problems

We run the entire survey process while you provide solutions and interventions for your clients. DecisionWise provides:

  1. Commitment from DecisionWise that we will not compete for any coaching, consulting, or training business with your client
  2. A designated DecisionWise assessment advisor (project manager) to work with you and your clients
  3. Full DecisionWise administrative support in building and administering surveys
  4. Sales support
  5. Complete access to all of your clients’ data
  6. Flexible and easy billing to client or partner
  7. Marketing materials
  8. Access to DecisionWise research and best practices

What We Look For In Consultant Partners

  1. Experience in OD consulting for five or more years
  2. A focus on leadership development, coaching, organizational behavior and development, human capital, or employee satisfaction and engagement
  3. Willingness to allow DecisionWise to drive the survey process directly (interface with client)
  4. Ability and desire to deliver the OD consulting and coaching informed by the survey process
  5. Must have an initial client before being officially accepted into the consultant partner program
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Use Data to Recommend Interventions to Your Clients

Our employee engagement survey process provides in-depth analytics and identifies themes based on sound scientific survey principles. Use the Leadership Intelligence System reporting tool to sort the data, drill down by groups, and uncover important trends. Our expert survey team helps you deliver your expert solutions.

Data that Drives Your Coaching and Leadership Training Business

Choose from our suite of 360 survey versions for Executives, Business Leaders, Team Leaders, Individual Contributors or customize your own tool. Our assessment advisors run the entire process so you can focus on what you do best. You provide the names and we provide you the reports.

360-Degree Feedback Self Awareness