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Todd Cummings

Todd Cummings, MPA, MA

Associate Consultant - Middle East, Africa

Todd brings over 15 years of professional experience that builds on an interesting blend of practical application in consulting, project management, and training and development. As a Management Consultant with Cairo-based Skopos Consulting, he spent time in change programs in organizations at both corporate and operational levels. He has consulted in many companies throughout the Middle East and Africa including Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Todd has two Masters Degrees from the University of Utah in Public Administration and Political Science. He used these degrees to focus on development principles and political systems in developing countries. He went on to teach international political systems at the college level while he was working for Discover Financial Services, a Morgan Stanley Company at the time. Shortly after leaving Discover Financial, he started impact Solutions, focusing on the training and development of leaders. Mr. Cummings currently leads consulting services with DecisionWise and impact in various areas throughout Africa and the Middle East.

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