Webinar: Employee Experience Trends for 2022

Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2022 Time: 1:00pm Eastern / 10:00 am Pacific Presenters: Charles Rogel, VP of Consulting, Decisionwise; David Long, COO, DecisionWise; Cost: Free Join us as we review our 2021 global employee survey benchmarks and discuss the major trends and changes impacting the employee experience. DecisionWise COO, David Long, and VP of Consulting […]

Employee Experience Surveys

Employee Experience Surveys Measure the “operating system” of your employees to understand what it takes to attract, retain and engage your workforce. Employee Experience Surveys that are Researched-based, Validated, and Customizable Employee Engagement Surveys Service Effectiveness Surveys Employee Value Proposition Surveys Organization Culture Surveys Employee Satisfaction Surveys Service Effectiveness Surveys Most organizations struggle with collaboration […]

Supportive Ecosystem for Coaching

Employee Experience

Employee Experience Explained A guide to understanding how your organization culture creates an employee experience that drives employee engagement. The Employee Experience Definition: The Employee Experience (EX) is the sum of perceptions employees have about their interactions with the organization in which they work. There is a good deal of confusion about the definition of […]

employee engagement and the employee experience

The Difference Between Employee Satisfaction, Engagement, & Experience

What’s the difference between employee satisfaction, employee engagement, and the employee experience? All sound like they fit together, but all have key differentiators necessary to an organization’s success. A well-known business proverb is that a client wants three things from a service provider:  quality, timely service, and a good price. The service provider typically responds […]

Video: Using 360-Degree Feedback to Improve the Employee Experience

The employee experience is defined by critical moments. Some of these moments are planned, such as onboarding, training, performance reviews, and promotions. But what about the unplanned moments? How do you handle an employee with a serious illness, employees needing to work from home, customer complaints, a death in the family, layoffs, or workplace conflicts? […]

Webinar: 360-Degree Feedback & The Employee Experience

Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2021 Time: 1:00pm Eastern / 10:00 am Pacific Presenters: David Long, Christian Nielson Cost: Free In order to impact the Employee Experience, and ultimately Employee Engagement, organizations must change the culture— they must change “the way we do things around here.” Setting a good example of leadership does not communicate a […]

Video: 7 Ways To Help Shape The Employee Experience While Working Remotely

In today’s landscape, you may not be able to physically look an employee in the eye or put a supportive hand on a shoulder. But, with the willingness to adapt, there are plenty of other ways you can connect with and support your employees. Here are 7 ways to help shape the employee experience while […]

Improve the Employee Experience through 360 Degree Feedback

How to Use 360-Degree Feedback to Improve Your Employee Experience

At DecisionWise, we spend a lot of our time helping organizations understand their employee experience, with the end-goal of improving an organization’s levels of employee engagement. How Do We Measure the Employee Experience? Most often, we start by studying how things are working inside an organization from the employees’ perspective. Some of the tools we […]