Individual Report

The individual report displays 360-degree feedback in a clear and intuitive format using colored bar charts. The report helps participants to understand perceptions by rater group for each competency area and behavior.

Norming Comparisons and Trending

Individual reports can show up to two comparison indicators. These indicators are shown as red and/or green vertical lines on the report. Norm lines can indicate the group average, top 10 percent of scores, or an average for a particular group (i.e. overall average vs. average for one department). A green line indicator can be used to show the individual’s score from the previous year (trending).

Leadership Intelligence Group Profile

The DecisionWise Leadership Intelligence Group Profile identifies your leadership teams’ strongest competencies as well as critical derailers that sabotage an organization’s success. This online interactive report provides in-depth analysis and vital information on your organization’s most important assets- your people. One of our expert consultants will review the group report with you to discuss the development needs of each leader and the group overall.