Learn How to Coach others on 360 Feedback Results

DecisionWise 360 Coaching Training is designed for HR professionals, trainers, coaches and consultants. The course prepares HR professionals to coach individuals, interpret individual and group reports, and guide the development planning and follow-up with participants. DecisionWise 360 Coaching Training can be done onsite, via webinar, or at one of our open enrollment courses.

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360 Coaching Certification Open Enrollment Training (2 days)

This two-day open enrollment workshop is designed to train HR professionals on how to coach others on 360 degree feedback. Participants will learn how to:

  • Interpret the DecisionWise 360 feedback report
  • Identify strengths, potential derailers, and gaps
  • Develop action plans based on feedback
  • Coach others individually and in groups on 360 feedback
  • Use group reports to identify overall training needs
  • Identify common coaching pitfalls and learn helpful responses
  • Learn innovative uses for 360-degree feedback in a team, department, or function to improve group performance
  • Customize DecisionWise coaching materials to meet your organization’s needs
  • Improve the effectiveness of 360-degree feedback in an organization

The course is facilitated by DecisionWise consultants who have over 10 years of coaching experience using 360 feedback assessments.

360 Coaching Certification Onsite Training (1.5 days)

DecisionWise has developed an effective and proven 360-degree feedback coaching certification process. This 1.5 day course is ideal for internal facilitators who will coach others on their 360 feedback results. The course is customized for the client and taught by a DecisionWise senior consultant with over 10 years of coaching experience. Up to 25 participants can participate at one time. The course includes the following materials:

  • 360 Feedback Facilitator’s Guide (used to conduct individual sessions)
  • Workshop PowerPoint Slides (used to deliver group coaching sessions)

As part of the training, each person will participate in a 360-degree feedback survey for themselves and go through a half-day group coaching workshop. The rest of the time, participants will receive coaching instruction that will provide practical skills and a flexible model for coaching.

360 Coaching Webinar Training (2 hours)

This training is designed for HR professionals, trainers, and consultants that have had previous experience with coaching. The training takes place during a webinar with a senior DecisionWise consultant. It prepares participants to provide coaching on DecisionWise 360 feedback results during individual sessions. Participants will learn how to interpret a DecisionWise 360 feedback report, identify perception gaps, strengths, and derailers, and help others create a personal development plan. Materials are provided for each participant with step-by-step coaching instructions and examples.