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Comprehensive Employee Survey Tools

Welcome to the ultimate Employee Experience platform. Measure the entire employee experience, from pre-hire to employee engagement, to exit– and all points in between– AND store and analyze your data all on one unified database. Choose from a library of research-based assessments for individuals, teams, and the entire organization. Or, work with our team of experts to customize surveys and assessments unique to the needs of your organization.

Expert Employee Survey Administration

Survey administration can be challenging. Drawing on our 20+ years of employee survey experience, we take the survey administration burden from you. Your dedicated project manager works directly with you to understand what you need to measure, plan your employee survey, create a communication plan, map complex organization hierarchies, send reminders, collect confidential results, and create usable reports. Leave the hard work and complexity to the professionals. Pulse as often as you like– from Always-on to Annual– whenever you are ready to take action on new data.

Dynamic Reporting & Data Visualization

Get the most advanced, comprehensive, real-time view of your workforce available today. Historically, survey data has been trapped in a single instance. But with reports and visualizations that collectively analyze each step in the Employee Life Cycle, you get a clear picture of employee engagement, 360-degree feedback, talent assessment, individual or team performance across all survey types, polling instances, and employee populations. Take advantage of our advanced statistical methods and identify the drivers that will help you attract and hire talent, increase retention, and predict and improve employee performance.

Predictive Data You Can Act On

Assessment technology that measures the current state is one thing– and we’re the experts in that area. But, turning that data into predictive, actionable information is where we truly excel. From customer satisfaction, to turnover, to how perceptions migrate over time, to correlation with organization performance or any other business metric you can capture, we help you turn feedback and talent data into actionable results. And THAT’S what changes individuals and organizations.

Action Planning With Experts

Our assessments and surveys measure what’s most important. Our advanced technology analyzes data, identifies drivers of performance and engagement, and provides accurate prescriptive analytics and recommendations. Organize and track goals and progress throughout the entire organization, with accountability ranging from top to bottom.

Interventions, Training, & Development

DecisionWise began over two decades ago by asking the question, “How can we help organizations attract talent, engage and retain top performers, and drive results.” Assessments, surveys, and measurement are parts of the equation– very important parts. But data in itself doesn’t automatically create results. Whether using your in-house expertise or by taking advantage of our credentialed experts, you can choose from best-in-class organization development (OD) resources to create an engaged and high-performing workplace.

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