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Employee Engagement Training for Leaders

What is the impact of employee engagement on the bottom line?
How to managers increase the engagement of their employees?

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Leaders have always known that it is through people--their employees--that they achieve the desired business results. After all, it is people who design the products, drive the equipment, serve the customer, and sell the services. What is less clear to managers is exactly how to create a team of highly engaged employees that impact the bottom line. Engagement MAGIC Training helps leaders realize the value of their people and create an environment that fosters engagement.

Engagement goes beyond employee satisfaction and is the voluntary dedication and commitment to doing our very best work. Different people are engaged by different things. Leaders learn to recognize how to engage specific groups and individuals.

The DecisionWise Engagement MAGIC Training is an intensive learning experience that provides an in-depth understanding of how to create an engaged culture. Leaders will gain an understanding of the essential components of engagement, how to assess and select for engagement in their teams, and will acquire concrete skills to maximize their leadership effectiveness. Using relevant case studies and research, this program gives leaders the "how-tos" that have been proven to be successful in engaging employees.

Course overview

The course provides an overview of what leaders need to know about employee engagement and its impact on business performance. Participants will learn how to engage their work teams and what not to do to inhibit engagement. The workshop includes a workbook, self-assessment, and interactive activities. Participants will be expected to create an employee engagement action plan to increase their own engagement and the engagement of the members of their workgroup.

Part 1: Engagement 101

  • The basic concept and definition of engagement
  • The business impact of engagement
  • Leadership and engagement
  • The employee engagement contract

Part 2: The Five MAGIC Elements of Employee Engagement

Meaning: Do employees find meaning and purpose in their jobs? Does their work make a difference for others?
Autonomy: Do employees have freedom, self-governance, and an ability to make choices about their work?
Growth: Does the job provide development and growth opportunities. Does the work challenge and stretch employees to grow and improve?
Impact: Do employees feel like they are successful in their work? Do they see that their effort makes a difference and contributes to the success of the organization?
Connection: Do employees have a personal connection with the people they work with, their boss, and the social community of the workplace?

Part 3: Employee Engagement Action Planning

  • How to inhibit employee engagement (what not to do)
  • Helping employees take ownership for their engagement
  • How to conduct an employee engagement interview
  • Creating your own employee engagement action plan
  • Creating a team employee engagement action plan

Delivery options

  • Full Day, 7-Hour Workshop
  • Keynote: 90-Minute Presentation for large audiences

Learning outcomes

Today's workforce faces daunting challenges to cut costs, improve quality, increase production, and develop new products and services at an increasingly faster speed. While some companies struggle or fail, others are able to cope with the increasing demands. Only those who know how to do it right thrive in today's fast changing environment.

Winning organizations are constantly looking for ways to optimize the value of their human capital. Successful leaders know just how to engage the hearts, hands, and minds of their employees to do their very best work. Employees that are committed, competent, and engaged are a most valuable asset in today's business world.

This workshop offers a proven process for engaging the employees in your organization. Participants will be able to implement the engagement process for improved results.

Employee Engagement MAGIC Training

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