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Measuring Employee Engagement

The Leadership Intelligence Employee Engagement survey is based on over 17 years of research with hundreds of companies. This survey accurately measures overall engagement as well as the drivers that contribute to it. The survey contains actionable and relevant questions that are designed to improve action planning and facilitate change.

Survey Customization

You work with a senior DecisionWise consultant to customize the employee engagement survey to measure the factors that drive engagement in your organization. DecisionWise also specializes in helping clients to revise their current employee survey to more accurately measure engagement while maintaining the ability to compare results from past years.

Employee Engagement Survey Structure

The survey contains about 50 survey questions including two to three open-ended questions. It takes about eight minutes to complete. The survey questions are grouped by the following categories to make it easier for employees to answer the questions by frame of reference:

  • My Job
  • My Team
  • My Manager
  • My Department
  • My Company

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